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Totally cunning.
"Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was ‘Oh no, not again.’"

"Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was ‘Oh no, not again.’"

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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Sneakiest sidewinder

Sneakiest sidewinder

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Excuse me, that is clearly a Dalek Royale with cheese.

Excuse me, that is clearly a Dalek Royale with cheese.

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Living on the edge…

Living on the edge…

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'Freshly handcrafted in store'which means ‘the butcher was drunk’

'Freshly handcrafted in store'
which means ‘the butcher was drunk’

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Here we see the rare Urban Hippopotamus in its natural habitat.

Here we see the rare Urban Hippopotamus in its natural habitat.

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Giraffe Weevil

Giraffe Weevil

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Is this a Jaden Smith tweet?

Is this a Jaden Smith tweet?

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That looks like a big one, too!

That looks like a big one, too!

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Clever, should do something like this at the shop.

Clever, should do something like this at the shop.

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Bronze and glass sculptures by Miles Van Rensselaer | Artist Website

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Help a nerd out:


I am trying to move out of an emotionally abusive living situation, trying to move someplace where I have a better chance at employment and the ability to get around. 

Donate Here 

Buy Art Here  

I want to get out of this abusive situation to someplace where I can actually have the opportunity to try and make a living as a film maker and artist.  

But right now I don’t have the support system to even take a chance at it. I never have, I paid for school on my own, I was pretty much on my own after my mom emotionally checked out when I was 12. My dad did his best but he was working a lot to keep the family above water. 

After graduating from SFSU, with a BFA in Film Production ( I also have an AA In journalism)  I applied for jobs everywhere.  I mean everywhere,  stores, fast food, movie theaters, indie production companies, stores in the mall, ect.   

I got nothing, I got one interview in the two years since I graduated. 

A little over a year and a half ago, my friend and I lost our apartment because our land lord found a loop hole in the lease and tripled our rent.  

We had no choice but to pack up and leave. I had a job before you ask, it paid 10.50 an hr but I never got more then 25 hrs a week. It wasn’t enough to find another place to live. 

After a year of couch surfing I head to leave The Bay Area,  my home of 30 years. To move in with my parents who retired to Las Vegas.  

I was brought out here through a series of lies. 

I was told I would have a room, a bed, a dresser, and a place to work on art and photography. 

This sounded good, I’d even landed an internship at Evil Dead: The Musical at Planet Hollywood on The Strip.  

What I got when I got out here was a broken futon in the hallway, and that was it, I was told I couldn’t upack, and the few clothes I have unpacked I have to keep on the floor under the futon.  

I don’t even have a curtain for privacy. There are two 18 year old boys here, and I heard my mom tell them as I was coming down stairs one morning. “You boys don’t have to do anything, she’s here to do your chores.”   

I have no problem helping around the house, but when I am treated as a servant that is when I have the problem. 

I thought well that’s okay, I can make the best of this. 

I had the internship and my dad was giving me rides, until my mom told him he couldn’t anymore. My mom told me I had to quit the internship. 

Because she didn’t want to give me rides anymore. Now if I could get a drives licence this wouldn’t be a problem. But I can’t because I can’t pass the vision test. 

I have also gotten in trouble for asking for storage for my clothing, my friend sent me a care package and my mother went off on me accusing me of hiding money from her. 

I had to tell my friends to stop sending me mail.  This got worse at Christmas time when a friend sent me a Winter Soldier Jacket, because once again I was hiding money from my mom. So I had to tell my friends that Christmas and Birthday presents where off the table too. 

The other day I was repacking and organizing the items I have to keep in the garage looking for things to toss and sell.   

When I heard my dad say to my mom, something about leaving the boys a list of projects. She went off on him about  how the boys don’t need to do anything that I am here to do things, and I have been laying on my ass faking depression for the past six months. When my dad pointed out that I had been going to an internship five nights a week, she told him that didn’t count. 

Art, theater and film are not jobs to her. 

The faking depression thing is a common factor with her, she has yelled at me for not smiling enough, made fun of my self injury scars. Asked me what are you going to do go cry?  Told me to fake being happy because she is sick of my bull shit. Asked me where all my friends are now.  

Like I said I had to tell them to stop sending me mail because she would accuse me of things.  

She makes fun of my weight, how much I do or don’t eat, she pushes buttons she knows triggers the urge to harm myself.  

My dad just lets her, because he’s tired of fighting with her about things. 

I started applying for jobs 6 months before I graduated in may of 2012 I have applied for 2000+ jobs.  

I realize living here where I am now, I am not going to be able to improve my life, or take a chance on my dream. 

I am trying to move back to San Francisco or to New York City where there is more work in the fields I have experiance in. Where I can also easily pick up more freelance work while I apply for jobs.   

If you can help or if you can signal boost I would be forever grateful, and thank you to those who have already helped. I promise one day when I am able to pay it forward. 

There are more details on the GOFUNDME page I also a REDBUBBLE STORE where I have fan art and original pieces for sale.  

I know you guys are probably sick of me posting about this, but this is a friend of the typist’s, and she’s in dire straights and it’s only getting worse.
Even if you can’t donate or buy any of her art, reblogging and spreading the word helps too.

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